View from the Road (5/9/16)



I was born encased in concrete, the ocean spread
Before me she turned tricks in a carnival show
The bad family blues a rotten tune, tricksters
Hung her upside down, toes suspended in anger

I illuminated the beach and turned the page
It wasn’t enough to brighten the the long road
and I became a trickster myself, looming near,
A haunting refrain of the past, circular gaps

Southward she reached, her arms a perfect arc
The sky a canvas of aubergine, monolith sun,
Cinched eyes, blackened smog hung to the IE
A bowl of fire and smoke, a road from the ocean

Is Concrete my North way, briny shell homes
Closed-cone pines light the path, ocean salt
In my bones. Trickster mind, pitch soot lungs
A long road ahead, a path behind me undone

Published by


Mother, feminist, environmentalist, lover of dogs, anthropologist, social scientist, hiker, friend, cohort, and lifetime student. Oh yeah, I am also a trained archaeologist. I strive to understand concepts in at least three different ways. Traveler. DogMom to Heidi and Henry, HumanMom to Robert and DogAuntie to a great big pibble named Doot and a naughty puppy named Luna. I hold a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master's degree in the social sciences from California State University, San Bernardino. In my master's program, I graduated magna cum laude (with honors in my undergraduate program). My research interests include the formation of social movements organized against environmentally damaging projects. My research sites primarily involve the midwestern United States and the areas involved with the Keystone Pipeline, however I have extensively studied South American environmental politics, especially through Bolivia and Ecuador.

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