“Inspired by Raymond Carver”


Early morning, when purple reigns
Slunk, slinking out of bed, feather
Light touches, a new day to inhale
My toes against the ground, to Savor
Coffee and warm carpet

It’s Washington in May, and Green
Everything breathes, heavy fuchsias
From the watchmaker and hanging
Baskets full of bramble, pitch Pine
Luminary orb, stretching trees

The dogs are hungry, little mouths
Yawn, Paul with his hammer, thump
The sun opens her arms and powers
On the world I stand, my feet bare,
That purple drawn into me.

Stinky mouths and bleary eyes
A teenage son says little, wrinkles
His mouth bent down to hold his tongue
From spilling out his love of night
Shadows the morning’s beauty


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Mother, feminist, environmentalist, lover of dogs, anthropologist, social scientist, hiker, friend, cohort, and lifetime student. Oh yeah, I am also a trained archaeologist. I strive to understand concepts in at least three different ways. Traveler. DogMom to Heidi and Henry, HumanMom to Robert and DogAuntie to a great big pibble named Doot and a naughty puppy named Luna. I hold a bachelor's degree in anthropology and a master's degree in the social sciences from California State University, San Bernardino. In my master's program, I graduated magna cum laude (with honors in my undergraduate program). My research interests include the formation of social movements organized against environmentally damaging projects. My research sites primarily involve the midwestern United States and the areas involved with the Keystone Pipeline, however I have extensively studied South American environmental politics, especially through Bolivia and Ecuador.

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