Writer, Mother, feminist, environmentalist, lover of dogs, former archaeologist, anthropologist, social scientist, hiker, friend, cohort, and lifetime student. I strive to understand concepts in at least three different ways. Traveler. Dog mom to Heidi and Henry and human mom to Robbie.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in the social sciences from California State University, San Bernardino. In my master’s program, I graduated magna cum laude (with honors in my undergraduate program). My research interests include the formation of social movements organized against environmentally damaging projects. My research sites primarily involve the midwestern United States and the areas involved with the Keystone Pipeline, however I have extensively studied South American environmental politics, especially through Bolivia and Ecuador.

My published works can be found in The Pacific Review, a national literary magazine out of the California State University system, and as of March 2016, my first novel is finished and currently in the last stages of editing.

Henry (11) and Heidi (6)
My son, Robbie, lover of dogs and computers and the USSR. 
My Mother, myself, and Robbie in Sedona, AZ. 
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 6.07.56 PM.png
What a fine dog. 

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